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Who Are We, and What Do We Do?

We believe business success emerges from focusing on what you do best. At Red Puppy, what we do best is build beautiful, optimized websites while giving you the best customer experience along the way.

We don’t try to offer every service under the sun. We focus on designing and building websites, and we partner with a network of close colleagues who focus on what they do best; things like Google Adwords, logo & print design, and even full-blown marketing campaigns. Whatever your website needs, Red Puppy will be your point man, guiding you every step of the way with direct services, guidance through the entire process, transparency, and, when necessary, deferring to local experts. Delivering quality service and support is at the heart of every project we do.

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“Carrie has the ethics, integrity, craftsmanship and technical skills to build a website that will shine”.

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